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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 19, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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see how her face twitches? i cannot be sorry enough about the burn, but there was some excuse for my doing so. oh, such as? the professor tells me you offered to put me in a nursing home in trieste. the offer is still open. with a patient whose health is so compromised? well, of course i would have organized another driver to take you to the nursing home. stop it! you are a terrible, evil man. you may be able to manipulate the professor, but you cannot manipulate me. doctor: you risk everyone's lives for the sake of your silly delirium? yes. iris, you can't. doctor: we all see your true nature. it is only for yourself that you live your life. it's all right, doctor. perhaps i know a way to keep everybody happy. baroness: my sister.
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i'm so sorry, baroness. miss froy! they've moved her. professor: get back to your carriage. they've moved her! when we arrive in trieste, i'm going directly to the british embassy! iris, stop. directly! iris! they've moved her, i know it. they're all lying! all right, that's enough.
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at the border, the train stopped. i tried to get help, and that's... they panicked, they moved her, they've hidden her somewhere else on the train. you need to sleep. how can i sleep? are you with me or against me? will you stay with me in trieste? no, you won't be staying in trieste either. i will pay you. oh, please, spare me the indignity! iris, sit down! iris: don't tell me to sit down and don't tell me to fall asleep. max: iris, it's for your own good. iris: look, you pretend to care, but you just don't. (women giggling) she certainly knows how to get excitement out of a train journey. (door slams) i will take responsibility for her. all the way back to london? i'm not sure you're the right person to do that. oh, has she done something else? no, no, no. as a medical man, i find myself faced with responsibility. i believe miss carr is in a dangerous mental state. i believe what she probably needs more than anything
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is sleep. i think she could even be quite well afterwards. she's refusing to sleep. my suggestion is that we give her a harmless sedative, which should be given by force if she objects. i thought it important to give my opinion. thank you. wait, wait. i think i agree with you. she said she felt much better when she woke up after the tea, and it would certainly be a lot easier to look after her. it would be a gross interference with miss carr's personal liberty. what do you suggest we do? well, i believe that iris is hysterical and a salutary shock will bring her to her senses. can i offer you some advice? i don't want advice. the doctor says that as a result of your sunstroke, you are very slightly and only temporarily deranged. i am not mad. it's nothing to be worried about, but unless you can manage to keep perfectly quiet,
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the doctor says he may be forced to ensure that you do not travel alone. you only have to keep calm and everything will be all right. you have been a public nuisance and it has to stop. miss froy told me this story about a woman who was mistakenly sent to a private asylum because she didn't speak the language... no, this is what you have to stop. yes. have you come to your senses or not? yes. will you admit that you invented miss froy? i promise not to make any more scenes. and i admit that i invented miss froy. i'm not sure you can cure illness with a scolding, but for the first time in my career, i hope i am proved wrong. what's your opinion?
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you feel he is cleverer than you? i think he's making a mistake. you and i may not see eye to eye on many things, but this is agreed on. and frankly, i don't understand your hesitation with sending her to sleep. unless, of course, you fear the young lady's anger when she realizes she's been tricked. she has what you call spirit and i call temper. please, please. please stop. i'm trying to think. well, there isn't much time. i'll write a declaration on it that the drug is harmless should the lady be taken ill afterwards as a direct result, and i will give you a sample to take back to england. i hope i have given you all the assurances you need. now frankly, i have to go back and see my patient.
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wait. i've brought you some soup. i don't want it. just a sip. you need the nourishment. do you still loathe me? iris? i don't want to go back to my compartment. right, well, then, you need to drink the soup. i can't. you can. please?
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it's terrible! same soup i wolfed down at dinner. i promise you'll feel much better soon. i'm not used to people looking after me. cheer up. i'm sure you have a colony of friends. what do you do when you're in london? nothing. play about. with other chaps? yes. we all do the same things.
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silly things. there's not one real person among us. sometimes i get terrified that i'm wasting my life. what's at the end of it all? well, i never know what's going to happen next. somehow, something always turns up. that sounds fun. why don't you come with me on my next job? you shan't be bored again. you're proposing to me? (laughs) i take it a lot of men have proposed to you. yes, but i'd rather have an adventure. woman: sweet tea, not sweet pea! (the professor laughs) i never thought he could laugh. perhaps you could tell him to keep the noise down.
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no, don't go. would it make you nervous if i told you i liked you? i knew you'd be a good kisser. let's run away together. i hope this pain is not because of me. i am unwell but not insensitive. never insensitive.
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it's my fault. oh, no... this... beyond our control. (crying) oh, i have done this to you. forgive me. (guard speaking serbo-croatian) what's he saying? professor: ah, we're coming into trieste. woman: at last. on with the motley, as they say. i have to get my bag. (groans) iris?
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what's wrong? iris? iris: oh, that soup. you... all this time, i was terrified the doctor would drug me and it was you! iris, please, i only did it for your own good. i'll be lucky to get out of this alive. iris, listen to me! i trusted you! iris... don't touch me! (lock rattling) iris! the doctor with the patient. where has he moved her, where is she? we arrive trieste. no, no. they've drugged me like they drugged her. do you understand? i sorry, i not really know english. iris! oh, i'm sorry.
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(panting) (eerie rumbling) (gasps)
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let's stop these silly games, shall we? (panicked gasping) help! no way out, miss carr. help me, please! oh, miss froy! (screaming) perhaps we could say goodbye now without a cloud of witnesses. yes, let's. thank you for your hospitality. it's been a cheap holiday for me in every sense. i'll get a porter to get my bags.
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excuse me! are you traveling with the professor? uh, yes, he's still on the train. can you give him a message for me? i'm afraid i have to rush off. uh, i can't, i'm looking for someone. the girl who was staying in our hotel spoke about an english woman in tweed who was standing with her as she peered into our coupe. the girl was right. i'm not quite sure why my husband lied about us not seeing her... i do hope the reverend and mrs. barnes come back soon. it's a cheek asking us to look after their luggage. do you know, i thought i almost smelt your middlemist rose as we got off the train. (chuckles) ah, professor, are you coming with us?
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well, i can't find max. surely you can't be expected to wait for him? i certainly do not want to miss my connection. you know, i cannot understand how they expect us to move from train to train with this amount of time. we are in a hurry. he probably doesn't speak english. he's fine! he's all right! our boy! splendid. right. stand aside! if we have the opportunity to right our wrongs, we should always take it. professor. we need to speak to you. stop! miss froy!
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no! let me go! your friends have all left the train. there's nothing you can do. no one cares about a woman who is hysterical. who do you think gave us the idea of... what do you say in english? "the mad house"? your little miss froy. so harmless, you think. but she will happily destroy my brother. leave her! leave her! iris! doctor: mr. hare, don't worry, we're taking her to a reputable nursing home. you'll do nothing of the kind! you're very kind, mr. hare. thank you for taking miss carr off our hands. she is rather troublesome. miss froy... poor woman, you see how even now she remains deluded. how can you still listen to her? max: where is she? baroness, you are under arrest. she's in the goods van.
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look after her, sir. yes, i've got her. it's all right. (muffled screaming) miss froy! get off! (gasping for air) (birds chirping) we're almost there, you'll be pleased to know. are you all right? mmm, just making up a story to tell them back home. mater will be thrilled. do you think it wise to tell her? at her age, it might prove a shock. exactly. no, i'm going to keep quiet about that. she'd throw a fit and never let me go back. you can't go back! i can and i must. i am a witness at the trial. the baroness's brother has been charged with murder. a little spinster from england
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has seen to that. but it's too dangerous! not speaking out is dangerous. i had many lost hours on a train to realize it. very fortunate for me, you already knew the importance of speaking out. don't worry. mr. hare has kindly offered to escort me. (barking) it's sock! (barking) (laughing) do you feel anything like emotion right now? she and i will always be in touch. i guess that means you haven't forgiven me yet. is that an answer? i won't ever forgive you. fair enough. how about coming with me on my next trip?
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i wouldn't know how to trust you. where... where are you going? back to london. you're leaving me here? well, it is my car. i thought we'd travel back together. no. what about miss froy-- don't you want to say goodbye? she knows i wasn't going to stay. where will i find you? give me your address. i don't have one. you must have a house here. no. you live in a hotel? yes. i can work on it. the trust thing. really. so will you? come with me? perhaps. (engine starts up) which hotel? and i thought you were clever.
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your signature is your name written down in your own special way. a petition is a letter that people sign to get what they want. verify means to prove something's true. preserve means to keep something the way it is and protect it. all right, so now we have... watch out for them in today's show. - and the next room of tour is the famous little green room from j.t. bookbinder's story "good night robot," about-- - the night saverstock's bedroom turned into a spaceship. - that's right. maybe you should be the tour guide. - we know all about "good night robot."
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my sister here used to make me read it to her every night before she went to sleep. it's weird that i've lived in this neighborhood my entire life and i've never been here before. - i know. this is the house that made j.t. bookbinder want to write "goodnight robot." this is the little green room that inspired him. - oh, is this his signature? - that's right. he wrote his name right there. - it's so cool to see how he turned all the things in here into characters in his book. - yes, you're right. these are all the things that inspired mr. bookbinder to write the book. - check it out, jess. that old radiator is what inspired him to make the robot. - huh. oh! and that's the radio that turns the controls for the space ship. - yes. mr. bookbinder had an amazing imagination for the--[sniffs]--future. - um, are you ok? - i'm fine. where were we? ah, yes, mr. bookbinder kept all of these rooms as they were when he was a child so that people could be inspired for many years to come. [blows nose] - maybe we should come back another time.
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- no, no! i'm happy that you're here. see? happy steve. - steve, you don't look so happy. - i'm sorry. i just found out that they're going to tear down the bookbinder house. - why would they tear down such an inspiring place? - because somebody wants to build a hotel. - who? - the antigone carruthers' corporation. - antigone carruthers? - antigone carruthers? - that's francine's mom. - yeah. steve, put your hanky away. we're not gonna let them tear this place down. huh. hey, you guys! ♪ c'mon yeah! ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ yo! and plug it in! ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ the power we perfected is electrically connected, ♪ ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected. ♪


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